Your Lifestyle, Your Bach

At Easybach we've hit the nail on the head when it comes to creating truly bespoke modular bachs. We're unique because we insist on the highest quality materials combined with innovative design and optional eco-smart features our clients get flexibility from their space.

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Easybach Versatility

Together we can create YOUR perfect Bach

The beauty of Easybach is that we are so incredibly versatile. Our baches have been designed to work on their own or we can design a specific bach to match your requirements.
The possibilities really are endless, not just in terms of design, size and height but materials and use as well.

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Easybach Energy Efficiency

Designed with energy efficiency in mind

It's externally clad using Redwood (other options available) – not just attractive it's eco-friendly too – a great insulator of heat plus its resin acts a natural waterproof preservative (low maintenance). With double glazing on all windows and doors and fully insulated from ceiling, walls and underfloor you can be rest assured that you will be nothing but comfortable living in an Easybach.

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